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All Summer long our fields are overflowing with the beauty of flowers! 

Varieties change almost overnight depending on the time of season. Peak season is normally mid-late August. 

All of our cut flowers are grown from seed by us beginning in late February.  We start sowing seeds in our house, keeping them warm & watching them grow.  Once the weather breaks, it's out to the fields they go to get big & beautiful. 

We grow on a seasonal schedule which is why some varieties & colors aren't available until later in the season.  It keeps things interesting! 

Come out and pick a bucket of blooms to arrange yourself or get ideas from Jen or Broch.  

Either way, freshness is only a snip away! 

We offer two different pricing options.

Cup: (holds 15+ stems) $16.00, Pitcher: (holds 30+ stems) $32.00 

We do not count stems so stem count is approximate.  We ask that you fill your chosen container reasonably full.   We want you to take as many home with you as you can. 

You are welcome to bring your own snips/scissors or we can provide a pair to you. 

We will wrap your bouquet for the ride home. You are welcome to bring your own vessel but don't have to.   Price will be adjusted to the size comparable to our sizes. 

Hours are Fridays 5-8pm, Saturdays 9-6pm & Sundays 11-3pm late July-Hard Frost.

Other times available by advance appointment only. 

Be sure to check your Spam box when requesting an appointment! 

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