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Here's Some Information To Know Before Visiting Our Farm

Our farm is a working farm.  It is not a botanical garden (wouldn't that be great)! 
There may be holes, ruts, rocks, roots, & uneven ground as you explore our flower fields.  Sprout loves to dig...we try to cover holes but he can be sneaky. You may also encounter weeds, poison ivy, bugs, and other potential hazards. 
We recommend wearing closed-toed shoes while visiting.  Wildflower Farms, LLC is not responsible for any injuries that occur while at our farm. 

No pets are allowed while at WildFlower Flower Farm. Ask anyone I know & they will tell you that I truly love all animals big & small. However, out of respect for visitors that do not feel the same way I do, I keep Walter, Willow, & Sprout indoors during farm hours.   
Please leave your pets at home.

You may bring food and drink with you.  However, I prefer you not bring glass containers. It is for everyone's safety & my dogs don't wear shoes! 

Please only visit during business hours or by appointment.  This is a working farm as well as our home.  We thank you for respecting our privacy. 

Feel free to spend as much time as you would like while visiting with us! You may bring a blanket for a small picnic or your favorite book & pick a spot to read. Bring a kite & take advantage of the almost always breeze we have. Feel free to look at the plants we have growing around our home. 

We do not allow professional photography during farm hours.  We do not allow taking of videos without prior permission. If you would like to schedule a professional photography session, please visit the photo shoot page for more information. 
We encourage selfies with the purchase of flowers. 

Be sure to check our social media pages for the most up-to-date information.  This is where we will post any changes to farm hours.  There may be times we will need to close due to weather, special events, or lack of blooms. 

Lastly, take your time to enjoy the beauty around you.  A visit to our farm is a time to connect with nature and rejuvenate your soul.   Soak in the sunshine, listen to the bees, watch the finches and monarchs, and pick some pretty amazing flowers! 


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