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We are often asked if it's too late to plant perennials once our farm opens for the season. Our answer is no, not at all.  In fact, if you think about it, Summer & Fall are the perfect times to plant! 

When you plant in the Spring, most perennials have been living in a temperature controlled greenhouse. They come to your house and then have to endure the stress of our Indiana heat & humidity going into Summer not well-established. 

Our perennials are grown outside on our farm.  They have already been exposed to whatever Mother Nature has thrown our way. Yes, you will have to keep them watered while getting them established, but the time spent in the ground through the Winter will give you a jump start on color for the next year.  Your blooms will be more prolific if overwintered in the ground & tend to grow with more vigor.  All plants grown on our farm are inspected annually by the State of Indiana.  We are also a licensed Proven Winner grower. 

Ask us about how planting now can make your yard the best ever!